Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hello again! Sorry for the crickets around here. So much has happened since coming back from Dubai (two and a half months ago) that I didn't really make time to come onto here and blog. I still have so many pictures from Dubai to share with you which I'm contemplating whether or not if I should since it was so long ago. Time is flying by and when I mean flying by I cant believe I've already been at university for a month?! Where did the time go? Most of it is such a blur. So update: I got a part time job, started university and have moved out into student accommodation. Hence the room inspiration photos. I have been trying to make my room more of a home and it really wasn't working and in the process of it all I ended up chipping the paint :/ Anyway today while sitting at my desk I finally felt like this was my room and my space even if the fairy lights are packed in its box in my drawers, I don't need to try hard because everything is falling into place. Even then I would like to add a few photos and words just because. Oh gosh I have so much to share and not enough time! I will be back very soon sharing my summer photos.
minoo xo

photos via pinterest. 

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