Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bits + Pieces of the past week.

1 & 2. my first night in Dubai and views from the balcony.
3. silly cats!
4.tried my hand at the airbus a380 flight simulator, was pretty easy to control and the locations were good too. we flew the plane in dubai, london, new york and rio de janeiro ;)
5 & 6. the coolest view ever from my family friends apartment of/ from Sheikh Zayed road.
7. staying up way too late most nights to watch the world cup matches. but well done Germany!
8. dubai's hazy skyline.
9. roger the lodger.

its been a slow and relaxing week, haven't done much hence the very few photos. since i've been to dubai many times before and done the desert safari, malls, water parks, burj khalifa etc i haven't planned much to do this time round except spend time with my family and little cousin. oh and the beach! I know it's crazy going to the beach in dubai's summer heat but i really want to so lets see if that happens.

xo minoo

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