Saturday, 26 July 2014

A few photo's from my last trip to Dubai mall. Before coming to Dubai I thought I would be posting more and going out more often but the complete opposite happened. The first week and a half was just spent catching up with sleep and modern family episodes. Although I haven't slept or watched tv properly in the past few months so its understandable, but still... This week though I've done quite a few mall trips and went over to my other uncle and aunt's house so expect to see a few pictures from there too soon. I'm not sure what it is but I feel so sleepy here and the heat. It's so HOT here! and sometimes so unbearable I feel like I might just melt (no joke), every time I leave the ac I have to take a deep breath and brave the heat and humidity. Enough of my ramblings, hope you all are enjoying your summer ;)

minoo xo


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bits + Pieces of the past week.

1 & 2. my first night in Dubai and views from the balcony.
3. silly cats!
4.tried my hand at the airbus a380 flight simulator, was pretty easy to control and the locations were good too. we flew the plane in dubai, london, new york and rio de janeiro ;)
5 & 6. the coolest view ever from my family friends apartment of/ from Sheikh Zayed road.
7. staying up way too late most nights to watch the world cup matches. but well done Germany!
8. dubai's hazy skyline.
9. roger the lodger.

its been a slow and relaxing week, haven't done much hence the very few photos. since i've been to dubai many times before and done the desert safari, malls, water parks, burj khalifa etc i haven't planned much to do this time round except spend time with my family and little cousin. oh and the beach! I know it's crazy going to the beach in dubai's summer heat but i really want to so lets see if that happens.

xo minoo


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Landed in Dubai early this morning from what felt like the longest plane journey ever! It was such a relief to get off that plane but then of course my suitcase had to be one of the last ones to arrive... Today was just spent catching up with lost sleep, playing with my little cousin and enjoying the warmth.  Ahh it feels so good to be back in Dubai.
xo minoo


Monday, 7 July 2014

outfit: top- zara, trousers- h&m, sandals- clarks, backpack- carpisa and bracelets- accessorize 

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

There will be people you'll meet on your journey some good some bad. The good ones will understand that everyone is on a different path and the decisions they make is for them and their own good. Then there will be people who wont understand your journey, they wont even try to understand it. And its okay. You have to carry on and believe in yourself and in your journey. Believe that the decisions you make are for the best. only make a decision you are happy with and content with. This past week has been a long and hard week for me, and I cant believe I'm going to say this but I cant wait for Monday to come! I know, Monday, the most dreaded day of the week. But I'm looking forward to it since I'll be on a flight to Dubai, my second home. This week was meant to be different, it was meant to be much more happier than it was. I came to the realisation that even a person that is close to you wont understand you and won't always support you. It is in my decision to go to Dubai I found out who the people I surround myself with are really like. Most of them are positive and kind people who always support me through the good and bad. However there's always an exception to the rule. The people that I am not so close with became the people that understood me the most and even with some people that I know I should know better of were the people that didn't support and try to stand in my way.

This week was also a little harder as I knew I would have to say goodbye to two really special people. They are on their journey and it will take them further away from me. Although I know we will always remain close, the distant will be hard. It will be hard not to see them everyday, not to be able to go over to their house when ever you feel like it. I hate goodbyes. It is a bittersweet feeling. You know that there journey is taking them to a different place, maybe an even better place but on the other hand you feel selfish and want them all for yourself. With all of this happening I am still happy, I haven't gotten my sparkle back but I'm on my way and so close. It's time I start doing things on my terms, it's my way or the highway!

This is going to be a good summer, lots of changes, new and exciting things going to happen. A fresh start.
I'm looking forward to you summer. Cannot wait to see what else is in store, because i'll be ready for whatever life throws at me. Bring it on!

photo taken from google. 

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