Saturday, 26 April 2014

When ever I sit down to write a blog post it always seems to be raining... even this time as I'm writing this post it is raining cats and dogs outside however the pictures I'm about to post are from a few days ago when we were experiencing summer weather.

Okay, so back to the actual point of this post: Saatchi Gallery. An amazing and unique gallery with unusual and eclectic pieces of art. You don't just look at each individual pieces but also look at the room as a whole with everything in it and see how it all comes together. I've been twice to this gallery and each time I've visited, it has been a whole different experience. The day was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the company too. We then later continued exploring and went to Holland Park which I'll be posting soon too, so keep a watch out. Enjoy the pictures.

 Love, minoo.

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